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The UK is a world leader in many areas of education including engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance. The country offers a world-renowned education system with qualifications that can make a real difference to your future. It attracts over 600,000 international students each year to a variety of programs, ranging from English language courses to PhDs.

The UK education system gives students the freedom to combine courses and subjects from different areas of studies, so you can tailor your degree to your own needs and interest. In present times many universities are allowing admissions without an IELTS scores.

Modern Environment

In this era of intense globalization, people need special skills and qualities to succeed. Employers want employees who can think effectively, creatively and independently. These qualities are essentially integrated by the students through the UK learning experience. Institutions use a variety of teaching and assessment methods to encourage independent thinking and thus enhance leadership qualities.


United Kingdom is a diverse and multi-ethnic society, where students of all backgrounds are welcomed and their involvement in local communities is valued. All major world religions are represented - Mosques, Sikh Temples, Synagogues and Buddhist and Hindu places of worship can also be seen. Many languages are represented as well. The most widely spoken South Asian language in the UK is Punjabi, followed by Urdu, Bengali and Gujarati.

Working in the UK

Due to recent changes, it is now easier than ever for international students to earn extra money while staying in the UK. New rules have been introduced to make it easier for you to work while you study. Opportunities are available for you, including part-time or vacation work, as well as course-related work placements. You will have permission to stay for the duration of your course plus a few extra months. However your visa should enclose the words 'Work and any changes must be authorized'. This will give you the permission to work as a student, up to 20 hours per week during the term-time and for unlimited number of hours during University vacation periods.

Traveling with in U.K

The UK consists of three countries and a province. Those are England, Scotland, Wales; and the province of Northern Ireland. Each portion has its unique history with a diverse culture. As these countries are all  within easy reach of one another, they're easy to explore. The UK is well connected through national air, rail, coach and bus networks, which enables one to get almost anywhere in the UK. Discounts or special rates are generally available for students on most forms of transport.


UK degrees can take only three years for undergraduates and only one year for postgraduate master courses, compared with four years and two years in most other countries. This means you will save a great deal on both tuition fees and living costs, and you will be able to start working and earning money sooner. UK degree courses are shorter because they are more intensive, and therefore more efficient in terms of your time and money.

Quality Education

The UK has two distinct education systems: one for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and one for Scotland. Each is compatible with the other. The Scottish Parliament has devolved responsibility for education in Scotland. Wherever you choose to study, you will be able to study relevant, world-class qualifications of exceptional quality.

Our offer:

  • Transparent, honest and open international student recruitment process.
  • Promotion of accurate and reliable information regarding your institution, its courses and policies.
  • Increase in the diversity of your student demographic profile in terms of race, faith, gender and age.
  • Arrangements for affiliations with credible overseas educational institutions.
  • Support with the design and development of press material that is culturally appropriate.
  • Facilitation, development and running of training sessions and seminars on your behalf covering issues such as cultural sensitivity, race, faith and culture.
  • Provision of regular feedback on market trends, changes and intelligence.
  • Maintenance of proper and high standards of professional and business conduct (including but not limited to confidentiality and data protection).
  • Facilitating (and if appropriate attending) your overseas visits, student interviews and recruitment exhibitions.
  • Actively working closely with overseas agencies, including educational institutions, government ministries and embassies.

Our offer to you and your students:

- A qualified advice and guidance service which is professional, impartial and personalised.

- Arrangement of affiliation and collaboration with trusted UK educational institutions.

- Thorough and detailed input on course and institution selection.

- Accurate and expert advice on course application and legal matters pertaining to student visa rules.

- Provision to your students of an effective ‘after-care service’ whilst in the UK.

- Training opportunities through annual visits to your institutions.

UK highly trusted colleges:-

Here is the list of UKBA Highly trusted Colleges in UK 2015 for International students wishing to study in UK.

This is a list of colleges licensed to sponsor migrants under Tier 4 of the Points-based System (PBS).

UK highly trusted colleges:

Highly Trusted Sponsor status (HTS) has been  designed to ensure that all education providers(Institutes) are taking their obligations on immigration compliance seriously. HTS recognizes sponsors who show a good history of compliance with their sponsor duties and whose students comply with the terms of their visa or permission to stay in the UK)

Universities and Colleges:--

1. Middlesex University
2. University of East London
3. Leeds Beckett University
4. University of Southampton
5. Coventry University
6. University of Kent
7. Brunel University
8. Birkbeck University of London
9. Manchester Metroplitian University
10. University of Essex

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